Nutrition for Mothers & Infants Through Mothers Milk

A mothers breast milk is the ideal source of nutrition for a new born baby. The mothers milk contains lot of immunity boosters and is the only source of all the nutrients required for the baby.

The nutrient intake of the mother goes a long way in determining the nutrition available to the baby through her breast milk. Further post pregnancy, during breast feeding, there is a lot of additional energy requirement to maintain mothers health (up to 20% higher energy requirement). Good health and nourishment of the mother is essential for the healthy development of the Baby. Since nutrition for the baby is through breast milk, good lactation for the mother is essential.

ProlacPlus is a scientific nutrition that addresses the dual requirement of mother and child (through breast milk). The formulation of ProlacPlus is high in Energy, has High DHA, vital nutrients, Calcium and Iron essential for mother and child. ProlacPlus has GLA to improve resistance to allergies and Fenugreek extract to improve overall lactation.


  • DHA is an Essential Fatty Acid and available to infant only through Breast Milk1
  • ProlacPlus improves the mental development and visual acuity of the infant2
  • Vegetarian Diets are poor in DHA and majority of DHA gets destroyed while cooking hence essential to take DHA as supplement3


  • GLA: An anti-inflammatory and has shown reduction in the risk of developing allergies in infants7
  • CALCIUM: Reduces the risk of osteoporosis in Breast feeding Mothers
  • IRON: ProlacPlus helps avoid postpartum anemia and provides the breast-feeding infant with sufficient iron stores until six months of age


FAT – 4%


  • Saponins present in fenugreek stimulates milk glands to increase milk secretion4,5
  • Phyto-esterogenic compounds in fenugreek helps in uterine contraction after child birth6


ProlacPlus is available in Vanilla flavour

Calories / 30g (one serving) Calories / 100g
143 Kcal 475 Kcal


  • High Energy formulation meets increased energy demand during Breast feeding
  • DHA Improves neural and cognitive development of the Infants
  • Fenugreek helps improve lactation and restoration of uterus
  • GLA reduces the risk of development of allergies in infants
  • Optimum levels of 27 Vital Nutrients required for the healthy development of infants


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