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NefroPro is a specialized nutritional supplement specifically developed for patients undergoing dialysis treatment. Clinical studies have demonstrated its ability to enhance the nutritional status of these patients. This improvement is attributed to its high protein blend, which helps counteract the protein loss experienced during dialysis. NefroPro also contains a unique carbohydrate blend designed to regulate blood glucose response. Stable blood glucose levels are significant for individuals managing diabetes or impaired glucose metabolism.

Staying informed about the latest clinical research and seeking personalized guidance will provide accurate information on the impact of NefroPro on patients undergoing dialysis.


Excellent Source of Nutrition

An Ideal Supplement Suitable for Renal Stress Conditions

Reduced Kidney Functionn

Chronic Kidney Disease



Benefits of NefroPro

Avoids load on kidneys by reducing nitrogen excretion.

Replenishes the depleted water-soluble vitamins that are lost due to dialysis.

Help avoids oxalate deposition in the kidneys.

Improves phosphorous binding and helps prevent complications cause due to high blood phosphorous levels.

Resveratrol helps prevent and repairs damage done to kidneys.

Calorific Distribution

Lactose Free
True Protein = 0%
Carbohydrates - 48%
Peptide Protein = 20% (Nitrogen x 6.25 = 20%)
Fat - 25%

List of Ingredients

Hydrolysed Protein (Polypeptides), Medium Chain Triglycerides, Malt Extract, Resveratrol, Thiamine Hydrochloride, Riboflavin, Niacinamide, Panothenic Acid, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Biotin, Folic Acid, Methyl Cobalamine, Calcium Citrate and Iron Citrate (Phosphate Binder).

Directions for Use:

Two tablespoons (30g) of NefroPro powder in one glass (200 ml) of milk or warm water and stir well before drinking.

Calories/30g (one serving) - 148 Kcal

Calories/100g - 492 Kcal

Excellent Source of Protein

Hydrolysed Proteins (Mixture of Polypetides)

Hydrolysed Proteins are formed by predigesting Proteins into a mixture of amino acids and peptides (a combination of 2 or more amino acids).

High Biologic Value (HBV) Proteins i.e., amino acid profile matching that or body protein.

Reduces metabolic load on kidneys and preferentially used for tissue building and regeneration.

Tailored blend of Vitamins

Higher levels of water-soluble B-Complex Vitamins to compensate for leaching during dialysis.

Zero Fat soluble Vitamins in formulation to prevent higher concentration of fat-soluble vitamins which are not removed during dialysis process.

Reduced Vitamin C levels reduces the incidence of oxalate formation.

High Fat Formulation

High energy density without increasing renal load helps avoid fatigue after undergoing dialysis.

Helps dissolve and mobilize fat soluble vitamins for utilization in various metabolic processes.

Reveratrol (Grape Seed Extract)

It is a potential antioxidant belong to the group of proanthocyanidins.

Improves kidney filtration and decreases urinary proteins.

Reduces kidney damage and improves kidney function by reducing the oxidative stress and inflammatory damage.

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